WORKSHOPS AND LECTURES: Colour workshop “The Vitamins of Colour”

This workshop offers revolutionary insights and experiences into the meaning and influence of colour, colour nuances and colour combinations. It opens up a whole new science and theory of what colour is and how colour can be used to create specific effects and atmospheres and stimulate, balance or sedate specific human functions and qualities. Different colour tests and experiments in the workshop will show that colour is a living influence that can be felt and registrated, as an example in our muscular strength and in our pulse. They will also show that each human is a unique colour “type”, and this can assist in the understanding of the physical, mental and emotional strenghts and weaknesses in oneself and others and in personal or group developments. Included in the course are written background materials, including a whole new theory on colour and a chart of 49 colour nuances that are linked up with specific human qualities.

This workshop can be ordered and it can vary in length of time and it can be tailored against specific needs. For more info visit

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