Course in Classical Painting Techniques : Portrait painting

Many painters want to enrich their technical “palette” with the old classic painting skills. This portrait course will learn you in a weekend the seven steps to make a portrait in classical painting techniques. It will involve using oil paint in semi-transparent cold and warm coloured glazes, how to make your own painting medium and paints, the laws of composition, which pigments to use, different groundings on wood or canvas, how to varnish your painting and so much more.

This highly appreciated course costs 200 euro (1500 kr) and this involves course materials, two lunches and coffees and teas. Please bring a sharp, not to small photo with a good division of light in it of the person you want to paint and two canvasses (40 / 50 cm up to 80 / 100 cm).

For more information about the where and when of next courses, please contact me.

Portrait painting, using as an example the Sfumato technique from Leonardo da Vinci.

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