About Afmagt (Despair)

This painting I made for TV program “Denmarks Best Portrait painter”, in which I participated. The painting, which had to be a self-portrait including surroundings, is called “Afmagt” (despair) and it talks about those situations in life that seem absolutely hopelessness, and one can not see the road ahead. One does not know how to be or what to do and one feels insignificant and a fool. Yet, in those moments there is the possibility of a surrender as well, to a greater intelligent assistance than just one´s own less intelligent identity. The colored jester´s hat, with all the colors of the rainbow, talks about not giving up and generating / keeping as many options open as possible, which signals that one is not “passive” in the situation, but actively seeking greater assistance.


  • Title: Afmagt (Despair)
  • Location: Mern
  • Material: Oil and acrylics on MDF
  • Size: 122 / 122 cm
  • Year: 2021
  • Status:
  • Categories: portraits