About The Final Audition

There is a curious story attached to this painting… I decided to make a portrait for PR usage of a famous Danish person, and I decided to make a portrait of Thomas Blachman, a well-known musician who is also one of the “judges” in the popular programme X factor. Thomas is known to be his own person and can at times quite critical about the talent or lack of talent he sees in singers partaking in this programme. I therefore decided to paint him coming to an audition where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the final judge. On the painting we see Mozart with a composition of Thomas in one hand, another hand resting on Thomas´shoulder. Thomas seems to be quite shaken by the experience, moreover because Mozart has made alterations in red on his composition. In the background of the painting we see the Danish opera house.

I decided to send a photo of the painting to Thomas Blachman and I got his reply saying: “This is truly amazing and quite spooky…For the last two weeks and for the first time in my life I am working behind the scenes with Mozart, and I am composing music that is going to be performed in the opera house in Copenhagen. I feel at times Mozart is watching over my shoulder and it gives me a feeling of “I am doing it good enough”… How did you know?”

There is another overlay in the painting and that is the one of the final audition or final interview at the time we die…


  • Title: The Final Audition
  • Location: Made In Mern
  • Material: Oil on wood
  • Size: 80x120cm
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: Sold
  • Categories: portraits