About The Jester´s Art

This painting is made for the article “Black and White Thinking, who liberates us from this?” that appeared in May 2021 in the Dutch magazine “de Optimist”. The article, written by Sander Funneman”, is a contemplative article that points out to the needed inner personal development to escape reactive fear based black and white thinking in our time. The article points out how each person can become a portal for uplift, hope and future based perception. I was so fortunate to be in an ongoing process with Sander about the content of the article and the painting, and this is the final result. For those interested to obtain a full color A1 sized poster of this painting (with the title “The Jester´s Art” and underlying text on it “lifting oneself out of black and white thinking”, please write me an email (stolk.mark@gmail. com). Price: 25 euro, exclusive sending costs


  • Title: The Jester´s Art
  • Location: Mern
  • Material: Oil and acrylics on MDF
  • Size: 81 / 122 cm
  • Year: 2021
  • Status:
  • Categories: 2021