About “The Other Side 2”

The painting “The Other Side” represents two worlds. One is a world that is natural, innocent, pure and peaceful, a kind of “paradise” in which we see a young girl protecting her friends the animals, the loyal dog and the wild, not culturally conditioned hares. On the other side of what seems to be a river, we see a kind of war machine. The coq wheels within it are elements of a clock, and as such they represent time and the process of growing up in a relentless conditioning that goes on within the culture we live in to become service industries to those in charge of money and power. The machine spits out soldiers for the purpose of destructing eventually everything that is pure and innocent. The girl in the painting looks at us and asks us to choose which side we are on.


  • Title: “The Other Side 2”
  • Location: Leiden, Holland
  • Material: Oil and acrylics on canvas
  • Size: 1.20 / 1.20 m
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: On exhibition Gallery Artipico Schiedam Holland
  • Categories: 2017