WORKSHOPS AND LECTURES: The Creative Potential and the Seven Stages of Beauty

The Creative Potential
We are living in a time of big changes in which new and creative ways of thinking are a must to meet future requirements. We are all born with a unique creative potential and everyone can be creative. However, far to often we are not able to come in contact with our creative potential, foremost of all due to a lack of understanding how the human system works. This workshop offers a unique model that is based on five fundamental creational and human intelligences that are natural to- and part of the human design; they are called Cognitive-, Practical-, Social-, Emotional- and Creative intelligence. When these intelligences work well together and are applied correctly, it can liberate creativity in each individual or group. This model and its practical exercises and application, have been introduced with great success in “out of the box” thinking sessions, to artists, designers, innovators and organisations that want to envision future trends and needs as well as to organisations that work project orientated.

The Seven Stages of Beauty
Beauty governs our life to an enormous extend and probably much more than we mostly give credence to. As such it seems important to better understand what beauty is, what it is for, and why we find certain things beautifull and others not. This workshop will show that there is not just one kind of beauty, in fact there are seven classes or stages of beauty that can be derived out of the growth patterns in nature. Not only do they show how we can consciously create beauty in the surroundings around us, but it also shows us a way of how we can move away from an automatic experience of beauty, into a self-elected growth of beauty inside of us. This workshop, lasting between 1 to 5 hours according to need, has been introduced to thousands of people, including artists, designers, teenagers, elderly people and many more and it has made for many a big impact on their life.

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